Opening the Door to Greater Possibility

Our world is rapidly being transformed by the widespread and growing availability of 5G and fiber.

And AT&T is leading the charge with our nationwide fast, reliable, and secure 5G coupled with our growing, multi-gig fiber internet footprint.

As much as we depend on broadband connectivity today, we think this is only the beginning. We’re strengthening our network to enable everything from smarter homes and cities to high-quality remote healthcare, augmented and virtual reality, and sophisticated new collaboration tools. By 2025, we estimate that users will consume at least 5 times more data than they did in 2021.

Society’s need for connection is only growing – and providing those connections is in AT&T’s DNA. Ever since Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone more than 145 years ago, we’ve been a leader in connecting people and businesses. We believe we have the resources, focus, expertise, and people to be the best connectivity provider through 5G and Fiber.


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