Hurd Enterprises, Ltd. is a fourth generation family business that traces its roots back to O.W. Killam. Killam came to South Texas from Oklahoma in 1919 and made the first commercial oil discovery in South Texas outside of Mirando City in 1921. O.W. Killam’s business was continued by Killam & Hurd after his death. Killam & Hurd was a partnership between O.W. Killam’s two sons, Winfield and Radcliffe Killam, and his son-in-law John G. Hurd. Killam & Hurd operated successfully in South Texas from 1946 until its dissolution in 1982. John G. Hurd and his children then organized Hurd Enterprises, Ltd. and opened an office in San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio was chosen as the headquarters for the new business as part of a strategy of diversifying outside deep South Texas.

Hurd Urban Development was organized by J.R. Hurd and his three sisters in 1992 to serve as the focal point for the family’s real estate investment and development activities. Hurd Ranch Company commenced operations in South Texas in 1985. The first Flint Hills lands were purchased in 1991.


Our Address:

7373 Broadway Suite 200, San Antonio TX 78209


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