Medina Electric Cooperative was built by this community over 80 years ago to deliver safe, reliable and affordable energy. We’re proud to be a part of this community and to continue to serve beyond the power lines—from little leagues to school events, giving back to libraries and hosting safety presentations, giving scholarships and so much more.

In November 1938, Medina EC started out of the need to bring electricity to our rural area when big investor-owned utilities would not. People in our small towns knew that electricity would be beneficial to the farms, homes and businesses, and began going door to door to sign members up. They paid $5 to join the cooperative, with hope that electricity would soon be available.

Now, Medina EC continues to provide our rural service area with electricity, powering farms, homes and businesses. Members still pay just $5 to join the cooperative and count on us to provide reliable, affordable, safe electricity while being committed to our communities.


Our Address:

237 State Highway 173 N, Hondo TX 78861


29.3530974, -99.1183355