Tailwind Real Estate Equities (TREE) identifies investment opportunities for Tailwind families through direct acquisitions, LP and GP equity with proven Sponsors, and debt capitalization through mezzanine or preferred equity positions. We leverage our expertise through relationships with proven professionals, identifying opportunities to maximize value, while mitigating risk. Headed by J. Searcy, President, our real estate team has a flexible approach that allows us to respond quickly to market opportunities and conditions.

Since the formation of TREE and Tailwind Advisors, we have deployed approximately $100MM of equity in direct real estate investments with an aggregate asset value in excess of $1 Billion. The majority of these assets are located in Texas and the southern US Region. Our primary focus is on stabilized and value-add investment properties across the four major asset classes.


Our Address:

1320 S. University Drive, Ste. 701, Fort Worth, Texas 76107


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